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Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
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24th-Oct-2005 11:15 pm - Bleed like me...
Walking home from work today I reopened the cut on my elbow, bleeding all over the sleeve of my shirt.
It all started on Sunday when I was cutting the shrubs away from around the rabbit’s cage and dumping the branched over the back fence. There is no was I was going to cut the branches into little pieces to fit into the compost bin, so I just through them over the fence.

While throwing a bunch over I brought my elbow down across the tin roof of the rabbits cage, cutting my elbow deep but not too deep.

Anyway getting off the bus I must have flexed my arm too much causing the cut to open and bleed, luckily my shirt sopped up, so I didn’t look like some kind of gunshot victim.
I get home, changing my shirt, spraying my arm with that liquid bandaid stuff, which fucking hurts and doesn’t come off hands with out the use of solvents. Now my entire middle of my arm is hard to move, and smells weird.
15th-Oct-2005 07:28 pm - New Job
So I have a new job, not a full time one but it pays me money and still allows me to look for a job I really want or even go to uni (if I get accepted into any of the courses I applied for). Its not as interesting as my old job, but there are fewer distractions, I’m not on the net, and fewer places to make mistakes, so some times mundane can be beneficial.

Surprisingly since I stoped going to the gym I have lost more weight then when I was going. I think it was because I was bored at work, so I ate, but now I have change my whole outlook not eating simply because I’m bored or because I feel like it. Now I only eat when I feel hungry, which seems to be working, I think once I hire an exercise bike the weight loss will increase.
8th-Oct-2005 03:28 pm(no subject)
I hate...
4th-Oct-2005 09:18 pm - Back In Black
Oh yeah, apparently, wearing a black t-shirt with a flaming skull on it is inappropriate attire for mock interviews.
4th-Oct-2005 08:43 pm - Day Tripper
My cup runth over with job interview, but they are all the crappie ones I apply to, to fill up my centrelink forms. I really should read the locations before filling out the online ones, I got an interview with a place in Port Melbourne. Port Melbourne, I get lost in the CBD, I may start out heading towards Port Melbourne, but end up in the opposite direction.

The whole job search training thing is just wasting my $1.50, As I just read the newspaper pretending to look for jobs, apply for the few that are actually new each day, and doge questions about going to interviews at call centres.

Speaking of call centres I didn’t get it, and I know why...when asked will you be available to work 5 days a week, I said probably, then maybe, then yeah, then yes...sabotaging any chance of me getting the shitty job, and not having to explain why I didn’t take it if offered.
30th-Sep-2005 09:06 pm(no subject)
Job search training is crap, it was crap the first time, and its crapyness hasn’t improved with a second go. Except the people there send my resume off to a call centre with out my knowledge, who then asked me in for a group interview, which I cant refuse or the government will pull my payments.

So I go to this group interview, did the stupid ice breaker, listened to the "about the company" rant and participated in the group activity. Seeing as I’m in a good mood, and the rest are losers who couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag, I take control of the activity. scribbling on the white board, trying to figure out the answers to the activity, which i got right untill this guy stand up and writes the wrong answers over my right ones. Some people might say, how out of character for you, but it isn’t really, most times I just don’t care, so I just sit back and let others take care of whatever’s going on. I've been more proactive of late, actually stepping forward instead of hanging around in the back ground.

Any way, I got called back for a second interview, which I didn’t necessarily want, but couldn’t refuse. The interviewers were late, so it left me with some time to wonder why the chose me to go a call back interview. The interview its self went fine, putting my acting skills to work, but I don’t know if I want to work in a call centre, seeing as I generally hate people, especially stupid people, and could end up telling someone one day to fuck off, then quit.

I also got an email saying that I have passed the initial selection process and will be contacted in regards to an interview, the problem is...I don’t know what job its for.
16th-Sep-2005 02:28 pm(no subject)
Bah, i hate this lackluster life... I think my brain dribbled out my ear somewhere and I lost it, i bet its on a bus to some boondock town
14th-Sep-2005 12:43 pm(no subject)
I tried to fill out my tax using the online tax forms today, only to discover that the software used doesn’t not run on a non windows computer. Sure I could have run it using the PC emulator but it would have taken twice as long and in the end might not have even worked, seeing as IE is a heap of out of date crap.

I don’t know why the Taxation department couldn’t have software for both PCs and Macs, its not like its a hard thing to go.

So I have to go down to the post office and pick up a tax pack, fill it out, send it away and wait for my money. Money which is going towards a car, I don’t care what kind of car just something that will get me to places, so I don’t have to walk or use public transport.

In other news, I have dyed my hair blue black, both my Mother and sister hate it, kept harping one about it, saying I wont get a job, it will make me look sick and pale (I look pale because i dont go outside, yes i have turned into a mole person), but I didnt dye it to please them, besides its not like I cant change it again if I get sick of it
Star wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith is great.

I must go now and become a Jedi!

I have a bad feeling about this... <---- is said by a character in every movie.
26th-Apr-2005 04:23 pm(no subject)


....That is all.

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